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Helpful social media focus to boost business

Its easy to forget that the rise in social media as a platform should showcase not only your business but you as a person.  People buy people first and foremost.

Whilst this has been written with network marketers in mind, the social media tips can be transferred over to regular businesses when thinking about boosting business.

It’s so surprising when small business owners are scared of social media.

Social is just that! Be Social.

I write this as someone who doesn’t profess to know the absolute of all marketing.   In the beginnings of my new venture I alienated and turned off at least 80% of friends and followers.  I was so excited to share what it was I was doing that I posted status after status and picture after picture of “buy this” “join my team”.  My timehop is testament to the cringe worthy garbage I was plastering all over facebook.

So what’s changed?  Over time the realisation that Network marketing or “getting your business out there” is a matter of building relationships.  Experience has told me that your social media should tell a story that people can engage in.  Your consumer should feel like they know and understand what you are about.  NOBODY wants to feel SOLD to.

Most of my custom comes from social media. This is through new friends I’ve gained by engaging in groups and building relationships.  Then when I know and understand what need they have I can become a problem solver and identify how to help.

The beauty of my mistakes is that I can learn from them, ever heard the phrase “We don’t fail only learn”.

Work out your target audience, you can’t appeal to everyone!

Spend time thinking about who your market is? Who are the type of people that buy your product or services.  It might seem simple but so many people cast their net wide and catch no fish because they don’t spend time understanding who their audience is.

Trying to appeal to the masses is a mistake.  Spend working out who your target audience is.  The majority of those I coach are women, some with children some without but all with a common goal of wanting to change.  Women who are attracted to topping up their income and are happy in their jobs and equally those that like me wanted to gain some time back and have more freedom and choices.    My job as a problem solver is to find out what their issues are.   Then I tailor my services to them, it’s not about me it’s about them.

Dump Delegate or Automate

Also I would advise limiting what platforms you use, (If you can’t use them correctly) ever heard of the phrase “Jack of all trades master of none”.

Perhaps you are reading this and hoping for some help because you don’t know how to use facebook, twitter or Instagram.   Any successful business person will tell you to concentrate on what you are great at.  This involves dumping, automating or delegating anything else out if you don’t have the time and inclination to do it yourself.

Recently we spent time in the “Growing Club” listing all our business actions needed to grow, particularly the ones we would like to be undertaking and those we wouldn’t.  Some of my social media came under delegate and some of it has come under automate. I’m using a scheduling app to automate a lot of my posts.  This site has millions of posts that can be tweaked for network marketing within Forever Living.   There are other great generic ones out there such as  This leaves me time to do what i do best which is build relationships over many different mediums.

There is great enjoyment with sharing stories but not necessarily finding engagement posts with the general public on all mediums. (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest)

Social media is so important to get right so I’ve recently employed jsquaredsocialmedia to manage my social media, I know I’m not consistent enough to be maximising the return social media can provide.  I’ll let you know how it goes.



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  1. Great post – totally agree with your points about being social on social media and the business referrals and connections will come. No need to hard sell or spam.

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