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What Type of person does Network Marketing?

What Type of person does Network Marketing?

What type of person does Network Marketing?

Hi all, one of the questions a lot of people ask me is what type of person does well in networking marketing? Do you have to have a sales background, be super confident or do you have to have done something similar in the past? Well, if you’ve read my story, my welcome page and some of my other blog posts, you’ll already know plenty about me.

This time, I thought I would answer the question by introducing some of the members of my team, so you can see for yourself that network marketers really do come from all walks of life, and most importantly that all the skills you need can be learned.

Under my mentorship, these girls have been doing an amazing job. In my opinion, some of these girls are smarter than me and can network better than me, but this is not a competition based business. I want to work with people who I can aspire to be as good as while offering my support and insights along the way. For me, that is the best way to create a fantastic team, as these women definitely are. I hope you will feel inspired by their stories and perhaps realise that if there was anything holding you back from taking the plunge with network marketing, you can now start to think of those things as areas of your life to work on rather than barriers to success.


Meet Lara Haynes

Meet Lara Haynes

Lara wrote a piece for me, Lara has a powerful story so I wanted it in her words, Lara is often asked to come and speak at events to share her story and when she receives a standing ovation it fills me with pride to watch her and the phenomenal business she is building. forever lancashire

Here is her story:-

Prior to joining Forever I was a Corporate Banker with a 15 year career in Financial Services. I worked a 50-60 hour week in a high pressure environment in which I was underpaid, underappreciated and putting my health and wellbeing at risk.

Monday to Friday, I’d do a 10-12 hour day, go to the gym, grab some tea, go to bed and do it all over again the next day. When Friday arrived, I’d neck a bottle of wine with sheer relief that the week was over. I knew I wanted to do something else but I felt trapped, and the thought of walking away from a career that I’d worked so hard to build was heart wrenching for me. Had I really wasted all these years?

Ultimately, I needed a kick up the bum and on the 16 Dec 2014, the kick came. Although a rather larger kick than I would have liked. As a consequence of the kick, I had a terrible Christmas, I couldn’t sleep and I cried every day including Christmas Day, which I hid from John, my husband, as I didn’t want to ruin his too. He has since told me that he actually knew but didn’t say anything.

It was our first Christmas in our forever home and also the first I had spent with my dad and sister in over 20 years. I should have been really happy, but inside I was absolutely miserable because I felt so overworked and unfulfilled in the workplace. I had seen John go through similar circumstances within the same organisation. I clearly remembered the moment he came home from work one day and told me that he had been driving down the motorway to the office and it had crossed his mind that if he just took his hands off the wheel, no one would care. At this point, I told him to resign immediately. He walked away from a 15 year career with no job to go to through sheer desperation, and thinking back to this moment made me realise I just couldn’t let that happen to us again. My crazy friend Rachel had been messaging me for about 9 months on FB about the Forever opportunity, but I kept fobbing her off with “I’m too busy” and actually thought she had joined a weird cult!

She was actually doing my head in going on about aloe vera and Forever all the time. But from what I had seen it looked like she was doing really well, so I decided to take a leap of faith and give her a call. I had a lot of calls with Rachel and attended a business presentation. I was still sceptical at this point, but continued to learn about it at a QLS training day, which was a very powerful session. Things began to click and I realised I could do this. I was absolutely sold on the business and I was beginning to see that the opportunity was going to give me everything I wanted. I decided to throw absolutely everything I had into it.

I am now at the point where I have found a part time job to concentrate on Forever and have walked away from my banking job. It is going to give me financial freedom, the ability to work from home and most importantly the flexibility to spend time with my family and loved ones. I can now say goodbye to the dread I feel every day when I get up for work. Forever will at last give me my life back so me and John can do and have nice things and plan a family of our own one day. If this happens I want to be able to drop my kids off at school and pick them up every day. As a woman staying within a competitive corporate organisation I would never have had the opportunity to do that, but in Forever I will. I do have occasional doubts about what I am doing but I refocus and think about my why. My sister Fleur struggled with addiction problems for many years and has managed to turn her life around, so I know that if she can do it, so can I.


If you would like to be mentored and coached by Lara then you can connect on


forever lancashire

Meet Rachel Porrit

Meet Rachel Porrit

Rachel Porrit joined a couple of months after me. She had seen the lifestyle Forever had given me on social media and messaged me asking if she could get involved. She had been looking for an ethical company and loved the idea of natural products.

Rachel was a childhood friend, also a successful physiotherapist, Rachel will always be special as her drive, ambition and work ethic are second to none.  Rachel was the first person in my team to achieve the pivotal position of manager, which is where all Forever business owners want to be as it opens all the incentives including money for a new car and 5 star luxury holidays. Rachel was a locum physiotherapist for the military and found that continually having to drive up and down the motorway was taking her away from her fiancé, now husband. Since Forever she has been able to build her own clinic on the side of her house and continues to do part-time physio therapy for the RAF, enabling her to concentrate on her huge global team of ladies from as far away as Ireland and Kuwait whilst she does a job she loves.


Iv’e already told you that I like to work with people who are smarter and can network better than me and Rachel definitely comes in to this category.  Rachel is motivated to achieve everything Forever has to offer and I can’t wait to see where it takes us.


If Rachel’s story resonates with you then you can connect with her and ask for more information here


Meet Melanie Brett

Meet Melanie Brett

Melanie is one of my most recent team members but is definitely the one who has come the furthest in her journey to success. Melanie has a little girl called Isla and looked at Forever as an opportunity to get her away from the mundane aspects of her ten year career as a dental nurse. Although she used to love her job, she began to feel like she could be achieving more and living a better than average life. She misses her daughter Isla and feels that pull that all mums feel when they want to provide for their children but not at the cost of seeing them growing up. Melanie initially only wanted £200-£400 a month extra, but after throwing herself into the personal development side of Forever Melanie will take much more from Forever than money could ever give.

At our first team training Melanie couldn’t stand up and share her goal board with the team, her anxiety was too high and you could see she was trying not to cry when she sat back down having stood up to say she was too nervous to speak. Fast forward only 3 months and with the support of the team and some gentle coaching from me, Melanie has been determined to change the demons that have held her back. I swelled with pride when she sent me her 3 minute business opportunity video that she had made due to the daily interest she was receiving from people she knew or spoke to about Forever. From battling shyness and anxiety, Melanie looked sassy, confident and in control, like someone you would want to join forces with. I was so proud of her, and it also brought home to me just how much Forever gives all of us when we are willing to put the work into making it work for us.

If you would like to be coached or ask her any questions then connect with Melanie here