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Clean 9 Part 2 – How it works


Hello again and thanks so much for joining me on my blog. Remember to leave your comments or questions in the box below and I will do my best to help! So, to carry on from last week, as promised I am now going to take you through how and why the Clean 9 Programme works. To begin with, it helps if you think of your body as a very efficient machine that has a lot more work to do in breaking down a cheeseburger (one of the things I had many of while pregnant!) than, for example, a bowl of vegetable soup. The more we overload the machine with high density, low nutritional foods like cheeseburgers, the more it will eventually struggle and become, not to put too fine a point on it, clogged! What many of us don’t necessarily realise is that the more fast foods and processed foods we put into our body, the more we can actually be nutritionally starving – in other words, we’re still hungry no matter how many cheeseburgers we eat because we’re not giving our body the nutrients it needs. It is also a fact that there are some types of processed food our bodies actually don’t recognise – a bit like if we put syrup instead of petrol in the engine of our car. We can actually end up storing fat around our internal organs (think ‘beer belly’) due to the toxic nature of what we put into our bodies, including some prescription medications, and this is just one of many reasons why a detox can be so beneficial.


The Clean 9 isn’t all about losing weight. Some people may actually want to gain weight or maintain their weight, but it’s about getting into the optimum level of nutrition for healthy weight management.

There’s a common misconception that you lose fat in 9 days but I’m here to be honest and tell you unfortunately that just isn’t possible! I lost 8lbs when I did my Clean 9, but that will be from the water and toxins stored in my body.  I’m sure you’ve weighed yourself before at the beginning of the day and the end of the night and the difference can be between 4 or 5lbs.  So when you initially lose the weight on the clean 9 it is mostly water.  Why would this be you ask?  People underestimate how much water the body retains due to dehydration, especially when we eat foods high in sodium and drink a lot of tea and coffee instead of water. For every molecule of carbohydrate we put into our body we hold onto 3 molecules of water.  So basically, on the C9, if we are not eating as much food as normal it gives us a chance to rest our digestive system and put its energy into eliminating stored waste and toxins rather than breaking down foods.  That’s why we need to flush the system by drinking lots of water on the C9.


In our body we have 2 types of toxins, fat soluble and water soluble ones. The Clean 9 Programme helps us eliminate the water soluble ones, helping our body get rid of the water it has stored. We also have a type of stored energy in our bodies called glycogen, which our bodies can hold about 4 or 5lbs of.


On the Clean 9 you are giving your body a time out but ingesting enough nutrition to be energetic and well, meaning you will be able to work through it without keeling over or forgetting things the way you would on a crash diet.  You’re not doing a lot of exercise, which was great for me because until I found a local group called Pram Power I was struggling to fit any exercise in.  Clean 9 advises moderate exercise as you are not putting as much fuel into your body, although I have had several customers doing the C9 Programme alongside training for Ironman so it’s definitely a personal preference.


Pure aloe vera, the basis of many Forever products, is packed full of natural goodies.  It is quite well known that aloe vera has been shown to improve digestive transit time, but the key point is that aloe has been shown to contribute to the absorption of nutrients from food. Since using the products, and throughout my pregnancy as well as during the Clean 9, I’ve noticed my nails grow stronger and faster and my hair has become thicker and shinier.


I will talk more about the full range of products in future posts, but for now I will just say that this is why Forever products work so well and why there are so many loyal customers worldwide. Modern diets can starve us of essential nutrients and cause our gut to become sluggish. This can contribute to a lack of energy, stress in the body, irritability and a whole range of other symptoms and illnesses. By resetting your metabolism and helping your body absorb more nutrients it is amazing how different you can feel within days of using the Clean 9 Programme.


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