Do I need a sales background to be a successful network marketer?

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Do I need a sales background to be a successful network marketer?

Hello again and welcome to my blog.

For those of you who have messaged me about my business wanting some more info, I am getting through all the messages as quickly as I can! I have had an incredible response this week after my goal setting blog, so this week I thought I would respond to one of the questions I often get asked about my work.

Do I have to have a sales background? How do I sell the products without feeling like I’m being pushy? The thought of selling can bring many people out in a cold sweat so it’s a really good question!

Firstly, Forever doesn’t have the “Gold Standard” Investors in People Award for not training its business owners well.  If you have a sales background then fabulous, but surprisingly it’s not always this type of person that historically does well in Forever.

The people who tend to achieve the most are people with life experience, a strong sense of integrity and a love of sharing and helping others.  If I take a sample of my team, there is a stay at home mummy, a police officer, a primary school teacher, a corporate banker, a physiotherapist, a nutritionist, a student a hairdresser and a recruitment officer to name a few.  Can you see any links?  Nope…it really is true that ANYONE can do this business, and I mean anyone!

It appeals to so many people because we don’t focus on sales.  We are handsomely rewarded for our work; not for pushing lots of products on people but simply educating them on how a product can help, and then we are a network marketing company so we help others to do the same.

Being a cash rich and debt free company means we are not beholden to shareholders, so the big monies we get paid come from not having to pay interest rates and overheads to shops etc. Network marketing is the way of the future. You will never see Forever paying outlandish fees to a celebrity to advertise the products for example, we simply don’t need to.  Through not spending billions on advertising, the company rewards us beyond most people’s wildest dreams.

The figures are hard to compute sometimes, but I did my due diligence when researching the company and I’m finding it all to be true and much, much more.

The health warning that comes with this is that it is not a get rich quick scheme – anyone can earn large amounts of money with Forever Living, but it takes hard work, determination and above all time to get there. If you approach it in the same way you would approach a conventional job and keep on showing up and putting the time and effort in, you will see the results.

I was worried about this when I first looked at the opportunity, as I’d never had a sales job either and couldn’t imagine myself having to try and shift loads of product or persuade people to buy things they didn’t want or couldn’t afford.  The beauty of this business is that you don’t need to do that.  I’ve simply used the top 20 products that came with my business in a box and fallen in love with them, developing what we call ‘aloe mouth’ – I can’t help recommending the products as often as I can because there is something to suit everyone and plenty of things that have genuine and lasting benefits for those in ill health.

If you’re interested in joining Forever, I would say that as with most things in life, you tend to get out what you put in, so if you want to earn more, you do more.  If you have limited time to spend on your new Forever business though, you can start with a few hours and build it up.


My main focus is on teambuilding as that’s the part of the business that excites me. I have team members that just want to retail and that’s fine, it is a company that really helps support people to develop their strengths. You will be guided through identifying prospective team members, introducing them to the business, and helping them to join your team.

People often ask the science behind the products and rather than give them loads of research from google I find that my client stories are what people really respond to. Facts and stories sell much better than knowing the ins and outs of why something works for most of us; that’s just the way we are!

Forever is completely flexible and as a busy mum I show my team members how to find pockets of time to run it, no matter what your circumstances.

If you join my team I will be coaching you from the moment you get started and showing you what needs to be done to make it a success.

If you’re motivated and positive about changing your life and the lives of those around please get in touch at and I can send you more information about the company and how to get started.

Shyness or lack of knowledge is totally fine, as long as you are willing to learn and have a sense of humour!

I’m looking forward to another brilliant week, once I get through the messages.

For now take care, and if you have any questions please do leave a comment or contact me and I will do my best to help.


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