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Have you Given up on your Dreams

Have you given up on your dreams?

When I was a child I was continuously being told to stop dreaming and to come back to the real world. I always said to myself I would be a millionaire one day; I hadn’t really thought about how I would do it but I knew I would do it.


When we are kids we spend our earliest years completely in touch with our dreams and the magic of life. We believe we can do anything or be anything, an astronaut, a dancer, a doctor… Inevitably we are told by the adults around us that we have to pick something more achievable or mainstream and that’s where the slippery slope begins, where we no longer dream and live in a world where anyone who thinks outside the box gets made fun of.  We conform to the 9-5 or the 12 hour shifts and find ourselves working hard to make somebody else rich, usually while still living from month to month and losing touch with the part of ourselves that even remembers what it was like to have dreams.


As I was someone who loved to connect with people and help them in any way I could, my chosen vocation was nursing. Although I have loved the caring side of it throughout my 12 year career, I will freely admit that like a lot of people in the British health care profession, I ended up coming to loathe the politics and negativity of the environment.


It is an unfortunate fact that if you’re an achiever who genuinely cares about your work it can seem as if there is always someone just waiting to find a way of bringing you down or harming your reputation. For whatever reason, it’s very rare to find a supportive boss or work colleague who wants to help you climb the ladder, and while I have occasionally had these kind of bosses they really are like gold dust.


In Forever, it’s impossible to advance without mentoring someone else to achieve their goals, so one of the first things we ask you to do is SET GOALS. Here are a few tips from my own experience of setting big goals and achieving them!


  • What is your ‘WHY’?


In the network marketing business we are taught to connect with our ‘WHY’. The WHY that keeps me going is my family and in particular my six year old and 4 month old. I’ve worked 60 hour weeks for years, sometimes working 24 hour shifts to ensure people get care if there haven’t been enough staff.  So many nurses do the same thing, risking burnout and taking our exhaustion out on the people we love.  I wanted quality time with my loved ones and now I get that in abundance.


  • Go Big or Go Home…


It is essential to make sure your goals are very specific so that you know when you’ve reached them, but even that is not enough. You need big bold goals that take you a little out of your comfort zone. With Forever you really do get to chart your progress as you increase in confidence, and what seemed a huge, even impossible goal one year ago will seem quite small when you look at where you are now. Don’t be afraid to dream big!


  • Write it down.


In 1979 interviewers asked new Harvard MBA graduates if they had set clear, written goals for their future and made plans of how they were going to accomplish them. 84% had no specific goals, 13% had goals but they were not committed to paper and just 3% had clear, written goals. 10 years later in 1989, the 13% were earning twice as much as the 84%. Astonishingly though, the 3% were earning 10 times more than the other 97% put together. Whatever the reason, it is a simple fact that writing down your goals is such a valuable step in actually making them happen and turning a vague daydream into a plan of attack! Have you ever found an old list of things you hoped to achieve more than a year ago? I’m always surprised to find that even if I’ve forgotten about the list almost immediately after writing it, the only things I haven’t achieved will usually be things that wouldn’t have been right for me anyway. Everything else has usually come to pass without me even remembering writing it down – that’s how powerful the act of putting it on paper can be!


  • Make a dream board and visualise success.


I got Joseph, my six year old, to help me with my dream board, which I have included a picture of as you can see! It was important for me to do this with him so he can see what Forever helps us achieve, and most importantly so that he won’t do what most of us do and give up on our ability to dream and create when the adult world comes along.  He chose a trip to Lapland and Technics Lego, and I chose goals related to the amazing marketing plan.  The first step for me was to hit Manager which I did in April this year, the month after I had my baby! It’s a pivotal point in the forever marketing plan and opens up all the free 5 * holidays which of course have gone on the dream board.  I have Senior Manager up there for October, which means I will have helped 2 people to achieve Manager level. At this stage I know I can do it as I’ve helped one of my best friends get there already, a physiotherapist called Rachel. My next manager will be Lara, a corporate banker who became demoralised by the way she was treated within the corporate world and like all of us in Forever, looked for a better way.


  • Can you feel it?

The final secret to goal setting is being completely emotionally connected to your goal. Find out what the feelings behind the goal are. If you’ve always had a goal of taking the kids to Disneyworld then a picture alone is not enough, you need to emotionally connect with the dream. How will it make you feel? If I think about the experiences I want to create for my children and truly think about how that will make me feel, I’m instantly emotionally connected with my WHY. The factor that also helps here is integrity. If something isn’t truly right for us we find it more difficult to surround the idea with positive emotion. If we know we’re on track and that we deserve success and happiness there’s no stopping us!


I really want to see my sister  and brother in New Zealand and have put a date to book it in July 2016. Amazingly, at this rate it looks like I’ll have smashed that goal and will be able to do it earlier.  I don’t get to see them often and when I do it’s because they have travelled to England. I visualise myself stepping off the plane and hugging them with my husband and my children, but most importantly I feel the emotions that go with that to prepare for successfully manifesting my dream!

No matter what you do now, you can break through any self-limiting beliefs you have and you can go onto create your ideal life.  Having a big bold goal and using these tips will help you get there even faster than you think!

Let me know how you get on in the comments box below…good luck!


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